Safety Center

Safety Center

How To’s for Staying Safe

Whether you’re driving, at home, on the water, or riding on your motorcycle, NJM wants to help keep you safe. We’ve gathered expert tips for you and the people you care about. You can also learn more about our award-winning Share the Keys Safe Driving Program for teens and their parents.

Protecting Gen Z Members from Online Scams
Surveys show that Gen Z is more likely to fall victim to an online scam. These are the most common scams and how to protect against them.

Fall Home Inspection and Protection
Learn how to make your home safer when you turn up the heat or work outside.

Fall Driving Safety
Autumn weather can throw some curves. Here are some of the most common fall road risks and tips to stay safe.

Summer Schooling Your Teen Driver
Summer poses more risks for teen drivers. How you can help your teen become more cautious behind the wheel.

Thinking of Building a Fire Pit? Some Things To Consider
Follow these simple tips to keep your fire pit safer and more enjoyable for entertaining.

Break the Habit of Leaving Keys in Your Vehicle
Tips to avoid being a victim of auto theft.

Prevent Fires From Starting in Your Kitchen
Take precautions to protect your home.

How To Parallel Park With Safety Cones
Parallel parking is part of driver’s license tests in most states. These easy steps and enough practice will give you the confidence to parallel park.

How To Jump-Start a Car Safely
There are many signs your battery may be going bad, and you should take your vehicle to a mechanic. We outline many of those reasons for you.

How To Safely Check Tire Pressure
Properly maintained tire pressure promotes longer tread life and reduces the odds of a flat tire. Make sure to check your tire pressure every month.

How Does One Become a Good Defensive Driver?
Traffic experts attributed the increase of auto crashes and deaths due to a rise in aggressive driving. Defensive driving can help protect you.

How To Tell if You Need New Tires
There are a few commons signs that it is time for you to visit your local tire shop and purchase new tires. We can help you identify those signs.

Best Practices When Driving in Fog
Due to limited visibility, fog is among the most dangerous weather-related driving hazards. We provide you with some of the best practices to help.

What is Black Ice and How To Safely Drive Through It
Black ice is a thin, transparent coating of ice that can form on driving surfaces and can be challenging to see, especially at night.

What To Do When Your Vehicle Begins To Hydroplane
Hydroplaning is when a vehicle’s tires ride on top of standing water. It occurs when the tires cannot quickly displace water and lose contact with the road.

What Should You Do if Caught in Severe Storm Conditions?
As air temperatures rise, more ocean water evaporates into the atmosphere, resulting in more intense storms. You need to know the risks you could face on the road.

How To Protect Your Car From Hail
Hailstorms can happen anywhere in the U.S., and the Mid-Atlantic region is not immune from hail during severe thunderstorms. We can help protect your car.

What To Do When You Run Out of Gas
The number of vehicles running out of gas on the road often correlates to the rising cost of gasoline. Here are some steps to help you.

What To Do if Your Car Gets Stuck in Snow
Anyone can get their car stuck in the snow. We provide some well-known methods to help you get your car or vehicle unstuck.

What To Do if My Car Catches Fire
It’s something most drivers never plan on their car catching fire. We provide steps to protect yourself and any passengers should your automobile catch fire.

What Should I Do if I Have a Tire Blowout?
If you should find yourself behind the wheel during a blowout, here are some steps to help you deal with it safely.

What To Do When Your Car Won’t Start
If your car doesn't start, we provide some of the most common causes and what you can do to troubleshoot the problem.

How To Perform a Windshield Crack Repair
Repairing a crack as soon as possible helps prevent your windshield from being further compromised. We provide some options on how this can be repaired.

What Should I Do if I Lock My Keys in My Car?
Returning to your car after a long day away, you reach for your keys and realize you left them in your locked vehicle. We provide some steps you can take.

How To Prevent Pipes From Freezing
Take these simple precautions to help reduce the risk of a burst pipe which can cause water damage to your home and possessions.

What Types of Fire Extinguishers Should I Have in My Home?
There are 5 different types of fire extinguishers available which use a different agent to put out the flames. Find out which is right for you.

How To Drive in the Rain
When drivers fail to adjust to deteriorating road conditions due to the weather, they put themselves and other drivers at risk.

Driving Tips for Icy Conditions
Stay safe on the roads during the winter months.

Protect Your Home From Winter Ice
Keep your home, family, and guests safe this season.

Help Keep Pedestrians Safe This Fall
Safe driving tips for the fall season.

Fall Halloween Safety
How to keep Halloween visitors safe.

Stay Safe on the Roads This Summer
How to make your summer driving safer.

Tips for Hosting Safe Summer Gatherings
Ways to keep your summer guests safe.

Biking and Walking Safety Tips
How to make your bike ride or walk safer this spring.

Preventing Spring Yardwork Injuries
Tips to keep yardwork safe.

Road Ready for Snow
Check out these pointers to be prepared for whatever winter weather throws at you and your car.

Give Winter the Cold Shoulder
Keep the cold out and the heat in and help prevent structure damage to your home with these tips.

Autumn Exams
How to safely drive with shorter days, rainy weather, and more foot traffic around schools.

Prep Your Home for Fall
Home inspections to make — inside and out — before the cold weather arrives.

Ready for the Road
Using these strategies will better prepare you for the challenges you face on the road.

Summer Safety Tips
Take these simple precautions to help you better enjoy your summer outings more safely and your home more secure.

Slow Down and “Just Drive”
NJM launches campaign to reduce speeding and distracted driving.

Safeguarding Children’s Riding Activities
Ten tips to help ensure your child's bike or skateboard ride is safer.

Sharing the Road With Motorcycles
Eight ways to help you safely share the road with motorcyclists.

Equip Yourself With a Winter Car Emergency Kit
Ten things to keep in your car during the winter in the event of an emergency.

Take the Pledge to “Just Drive”
Help put an end to distracted driving.

Ladder Safety Is More Than Hanging On
If you plan to go up a ladder, here are eight tips to help ensure you use it safely.

Giving Your Young Child a Safety Boost
If you have a child under the age of nine, here are four important steps to take to help transport your "precious cargo."

Getting Back on the Road
Use these tips to ease yourself (and your car) back into driving safely this summer.

Making Your Home Safer for Children and Pets
Keeping your family safe while at home goes beyond basic sanitation. Protect your family from these common household hazards that may be overlooked.

Before You Dive In: Steps To Make Your Pool Safer, More Secure
Before you pull the pool cover off, check out these 10 steps so that you enjoy a safe summer season.

A Recipe for Safer Summer Barbecues
The temperature isn't the only thing that's hot. Ten steps for a safer summer grilling experience.

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?
The best defense against a hurricane is prediction and preparation. Use the following tips to help prepare for the hurricane season.

Removing Snow Safely
10 reminders on safely removing snow at home.

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Cold Weather
Before the freezing temperatures arrive, 10 steps to prepare your vehicle for the cold weather.

Pedestrian Safety: The Responsibility of Drivers, Walkers
With the school year beginning, these 10 tips can help pedestrians — and drivers — help make crosswalks and intersections safe.

An Emphasis on Safety as Your Child Leaves for College
If you have a child leaving for college, here are 10 things he or she can do to help ensure a safe semester on and off campus.

Protecting Your Vehicle From Auto Theft
With auto theft in high gear, here are nine tips to help keep your vehicle from becoming a statistic.

Avoiding Distractions Behind the Wheel
Five tips to help you avoid distracted driving.

Prepping Your Home for Warmer Weather
With warmer weather in the air, these 10 steps will help you get your home ready for spring.

Holiday Parties: Sensible Celebrating
Here are five tips to enjoy holiday festivities without endangering yourself or others.

Stay Warm and Safe This Winter
Here are six tips to help keep you comfortable and safe inside when the temperature dips outside.

8 Tips To Help Make Your Home Safer From Fire
Be better prepared in an emergency through prevention planning.

Fall Back: Adjusting Your Driving to the Changing Season
Increased pedestrian traffic, shorter days are just two of the challenges.

5 Tips for Safer Summer Driving
Hitting the road with the family this summer? Here are 5 safety tips to help you better prepare.

What To Do After a Car Accident
Learn how to handle the ordeal safely, if and when it happens.

What To Do When Your Vehicle Breaks Down
If your vehicle breaks down the following tips can help get you through this exasperating event safely.

Motorcycle and ATV Safety
Have questions about motorcycle and ATV safety? Here are some top safety tips to consider.

Avoiding Auto Accidents
Learn how to avoid an accident by following these safe driving tips.

The Key to Teen Driver Safety
According to the NSC, teen drivers have a greater chance of crashing because they are inexperienced. Here are some top safety tips your teen needs to know.

Buying a Safer Vehicle
Whether buying from a dealer or directly from a private owner, asking the right questions and doing your research can help you purchase a safer car.

Boating Safety
Whether you are boating on the high seas or floating on the lake, you can enjoy your excursion by following these safety tips.

Fire Safety in Your Home
Use these fire safety tips to help keep your home and family safe.

Our Safety Center pages are filled with tips related to the safety and maintenance of your home and autos. The information contained in these articles should not be construed as professional advice, and is not intended to replace official sources. Other resources linked from these pages are maintained by independent providers; therefore, NJM cannot guarantee their accuracy.