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Sharing the Road With Motorcycles

Because they are smaller and less visible, motorcycles can seem to suddenly appear out of nowhere. Here are eight ways to help you safely share the road with motorcyclists.

  1. Never share a lane with a motorcycle

  2. Allow at least four seconds following distance between your vehicle and the motorcycle, which requires less stopping distance

  3. Be especially attentive at night when the distance of approaching motorcycles can be more easily misjudged

  4. Motorcycles maneuver faster than other vehicles, so always check “blind” spots when changing lanes, making a turn, or entering a highway

  5. Be cautious during rain, high wind, or other bad weather, which can be hazardous for motorcyclists

  6. Be sure your path is clear when turning at an intersection, where 33% of motorcycle fatalities occur

  7. Be aware that many motorcyclists have non-cancelling turn signals and may forget to shut off the signal after making a turn

  8. Yield the right-of-way to motorcyclists; failing to do so is the most frequent auto driver error in collisions involving a motorcycle


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