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Take the Pledge To “Just Drive”

During the holidays, distracted driving is more prevalent due to increased travel, stress, and driver fatigue. Distracted driving is responsible for more than 390,000 injuries and 3,500 deaths every year. We can all do our part to end distracted driving by making the commitment to Just Drive. Visit us at to take the pledge today!

Here are eight tips to help avoid distracted driving.

  1. Make sure children and pets are properly secured in their seats before driving

  2. If you need to tend to a child or pet, adjust controls, or send a text, pull over and park in a safe spot

  3. Never text or read a text while driving

  4. Place your phone on airplane or Do Not Disturb mode, or use an app that silences calls and texts while your car is moving

  5. Stay alert. If you're tired, pull over somewhere safe to rest

  6. Set up music selections on your radio or streaming device before you drive

  7. Program your GPS ahead of time and only use voice-activated

  8. Avoid eating, searching for items, or anything that could divert your eyes from the road


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