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How To Perform a Windshield Crack Repair

Your vehicle's windshield serves two purposes: the laminated glass provides a clear view of the road ahead and protects you and your passengers from an object that may fly up from the road. Repairing a crack as soon as possible helps prevent your windshield from being further compromised.

Does your auto insurance cover windshield repair and replacement?

Many insurers offer windshield repair and replacement coverage with their comprehensive coverage. You shouldn't be charged for a repair by an authorized auto glass repair company. However, your deductible will apply if you need to replace your windshield.

Repair or replace?

There are two choices if your windshield is cracked or chipped: repair or replace it. Repairing is an option if the chip is smaller than a quarter or if a dollar bill can cover the crack. However, most states require a replacement if the crack is larger and affects your line of vision.

Doing it yourself

If you don't have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, you may be able to repair it yourself. Auto supply stores carry windshield repair kits, which can run between $10 and $25.

Step by step

  • Park your vehicle in a shaded area where direct sunlight won't hit it

  • Wipe the windshield clean with windshield cleaner

  • Place the repair kit mount directly over the chip or crack with both suction cups securely on the windshield

  • Slowly screw the (wider) white repair tube into the center of the suction cup tool

  • Uncover and place the resin tip over the white tube and squeeze out 6 drops

  • Immediately insert the center plunger (narrow white tube) and press down

  • Gently tap the glass around the chip or crack to help any air bubbles escape

  • After several minutes, unscrew the resin tool and remove it and the other parts of the kit attached to the windshield

  • Add a drop of resin to the affected area and cover it with the plastic strip included with the repair kit

  • Wait 10 minutes before peeling away the plastic strip

  • Use a razor blade to scrape away any excess dry resin and wipe with windshield cleaner

Calling a professional

Contact a local auto glass repair shop if you're not comfortable doing it yourself or if your windshield needs to be replaced. A glass technician will know whether a repair or replacement is required.

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