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Summer Schooling Your Teen Driver

The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is called the “100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers.” During this time, the average number of fatal car crashes involving teens increases by 15%, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and disability among teens nationwide, and research shows that 75 percent of young driver crashes are due to driver error. Identifying areas of concern and providing tools to develop safer driving skills before teens begin to drive independently is essential to reducing their crash risk.

Factors in fatal teen crashes:

  • Distracted driving
    Distractions such as talking on the phone or to other passengers were a factor in nearly 60 percent of cases

  • Not wearing a seat belt
    More than 50 percent of teens killed did not wear a seat belt

  • Speeding
    About 30 percent were driving too fast for road conditions

Parents are important role models and set an example through their driving and discussing the measures their teens should take to help reduce the risk of a car crash.

Erica Rosso, NJM Consumer Safety Supervisor, said most teen crashes are preventable.

“Parents who set rules, offer support, and monitor their teen’s driving can reduce their teen’s crash risk by as much as 50 percent,” Rosso said. “Just one hour of practice driving a week can reduce a teen’s chance of crashing.”

She suggested parents involve their teen driver in these daily family routines:

  • Use shopping trips and errands to navigate commercial districts, parallel parking, and pedestrian traffic

  • Practice safe habits and learn alternative routes to familiar local destinations

  • Include highways and toll roads for the experience of a higher volume of traffic

By modeling safe driving habits, committing time to practice with your teen, and reinforcing the road rules, you can help them from becoming a traffic statistic.

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