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How To Protect Your Car From Hail

Hailstorms can happen anywhere in the U.S., and the Mid-Atlantic region is not immune from hail during severe thunderstorms.

What is hail?

Hail results when raindrops get carried into the cold atmosphere of thunderstorms, freeze together, and fall to the ground. It can be as small as a marble or as large as a grapefruit. The larger the hail, the greater the risk of vehicle damage. Golf ball-sized or larger hail can cause thousands of dollars of damage.

Here are some steps to protect your vehicle from hail:

  • Know the weather forecast – stay updated on weather forecasts that predict severe thunderstorms with potential hail

  • Find a protected area if driving – find overhead protection (parking garage, gas station, under a bridge) and never park under a tree since high winds could causes branches to break off

  • Cover your car at home – if you don't have a garage, protect the entire vehicle with an inflatable protection cover or using heavy tape to secure old comforters/blankets

  • Will your insurance cover hail damage?comprehensive coverage responds to damage resulting from hail after your deductible

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